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Windows or say Microsoft Windows has entered in the market of smartphone with its Windows Phone OS. The latest version of OS is Windows Phone 8. According to Microsoft, Windows Phone 8 has features that bring you closer to the people, places and things you care about. Simple refinements to make your phone a delight to use every day. And safeguards to help keep your data secure and your mind at ease.

We focus mainly on introducing the Windows Phone 8 development environment to build Applications for Windows phones & tablets. How to jailbreak and sideload applications as native apps as windows phone 8 has given limited access to its APIs.

Windows Phone being a product from Microsoft, whose OS still runs on almost 89% of Home Users inspite of tough competition from gaints like MAC OS. Learning to build applications for Windows Phone 8 can be very usefull in near future for good jobs in IT industry with high payscale. You can also build application and monitize it by selling it on Windows Store.

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We Heart-Hackers, group of B.E. graduates are involved in taking workshop on Windows Phone 8 Apps & Tool Development.

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