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Windows 8 Application

It's easier than you think to create a Windows Store app.

A Windows Store app is a new type of app that is sold in the Windows Store and runs on Windows 8 devices. They install easily and uninstall cleanly. They run in a single window that fills the entire screen by default. They automatically work with a variety of input sources, including touch, pen, mouse, and keyboard. Instead of static icons, they use live tiles that can display notifications. You can write Windows Store apps in a variety of languages, such as C# and Visual Basic with XAML, C++ with XAML or DirectX, and JavaScript with HTML/CSS.


Microsoft's latest operarting system comes with new User Interface (UI) known as metro UI. This UI is even seen in latest Windows Phones. We provide training and take workshops on teaching how to build up metro UI applications and those applications can be even sold on Windows Store to earn good income! Windows 8 App development will be a booming field in near future, so why delay? Stay Ahead with IT industry!

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We Heart-Hackers, group of B.E. graduates take workshops and seminars on Windows 8 App Development.

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