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Ethical Hacking & Information Security

Ethical Hacking & Information Security

Hacking, the name itself is unethical, so to make it sound ethical generally you will find the word "Ethical Hacking". There are variety of articles & courses available on internet for you to teach Hacking. Is everyone there trying to teach you something like robing things?

No, a big NO! There are many advantages to for you to learn hacking. Hacking is not you break into someone's facebook or gmail, it's not about deafacing someone's website. All these are cracking and here we are talking about hacking. In simple words hacking is nothing but advanced programming.

In todays world of everything online right from online banks accounts to emails to everything whatever you can think is available online for you. In such scenarios it is very much required for a normal internet user to how to maintain the privacy and security of all the accounts or transaction that happens over internet. Until and unless the person is not aware how are what are the various ways by which his security can be comprimised, he will not be able to protect and secure his privacy. So it is very important for any internet user to know about Ethical Hacking & Information Security. How to keep the important and confidential data secure.

Also Ethical Hacking plays a very important role in software engineering. For any application let it be a bank application for an instance, What hackers does is try to find out the vulnerabilties and thus exploit the vulnerabilites of the banking application to gain unauthorised access thus leading to comprimising the Information Security. So it is very important for such applications to find out these vulnerabilty before the hackers find out to exploit it. Ethical Hackers also known as testers plays a very important role in software development life cycle.

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We Heart-Hackers, group of B.E. graduates take workshops and seminars on Ethical Hacking & Information Security.

We are not encouraging hacking but we update masses by making them aware how they can be hacked easily. We do not hack any personal information, we just find out various ways by which hacking occurs and make awareness about it by conducting workshops, seminars, etc

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