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Android Apps & Tools Development

Android, the word itslef does not need any explanation, the best and free open source OS from google is available is more than 75% of smartphones in the market. We are engaged in providing Workshops on Android. The Android platform is based upon Linux Kernel. Our Android workshop offer you the techniques to develop applications on the Android platform with the use of the Java programming language. How to setup android development environment and how to develop a sample app.

We focus mainly on introducing the android development environment to build Applications for android phones & tablets. How to build custom ROMS which can be flashed on phones with customization of your choice. How to jailbreak and sideload applications as native apps.

Android being open source is in huge demand in market, learning to build applications for android can be very usefull in near future for good jobs in IT industry with high payscale. You can also build application and monitize it by selling it on google app store or by placing advertisments.

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We Heart-Hackers, group of B.E. graduates are involved in taking workshop on Android Apps & Tool Development.

Heart - Hackers

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